Brexit will be one of the biggest fundamental changes in our economy in our lifetime but the effects of Brexit are still open to speculation and wont be seen for many years to come. Below you will find some articles on how Brexit may affect the Irish economy.

Brexit (Powerpoint)


Brexit – Long Term effects according to history

Brexit – London’s position on Brexit and how it may affect Ireland

Brexit – Customs consequences for Ireland

Brexit – Irish Times Brexit Videos

Brexit – Job losses and more debt for Ireland?

Brexit – Central bank to ‘fast-track’ bids by UK firms seeking move to Ireland

Brexit – Building boom on the way as Brexit forces firms to relocate in Ireland

Brexit – We have no excuse with a two year warning of a ‘hard’ Brexit

Brexit – Diversification will help with ‘hard’ Brexit

Brexit – Pharma plants to relocate to Ireland

Brexit articles from Irish Independent

Brexit articles from Irish Examiner

Brexit and the WTO

Brexit and Tariffs (Dairygold)

Brexit and Tariffs (EU Food)

Brexit causing problems for Irish beef exporters (May 2017)

How a customs union helps businesses with Brexit (Feb 2018)

Labour’s new approach to Brexit & customs union (Feb 2018)


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